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Bu Kadra Dubai Washing Machine Repair

How To Replace A Washing Machine Door Lock
Bu Kadra Dubai Washing Machine Repair

Umm Suqeim First Dubai Washing Machine Repair
Replacing A Door Lock
To replace a washing machine door lock is fairly straightforward and most people with some time and common sense will be able to do this without too much trouble in most cases.
It is worth pointing out that not all washing machines are the same and that the process for some washing machine models may differ from that laid out below. The general principles however do remain the same regardless of the machine as all washing machines must have a door safety interlock fitted.
There are probably (we've not looked) a load of videos out there that claim to be tutorials on how to replace a door interlock and, that's all well and good but they are usually quite model specific. And, we've not seen any that actually show you how the professional repairer would do replace a door lock. Our way is faster and safer but it does require your attention for ten minutes to read through the tutorial and understand you are doing and not just trying to copy 's in a two minute video.
First Step In Replacing A Washing Machine Door Lock
Make sure that the power is off.
Now make sure the power is off again and the plug is removed from the socket.
Seriously, every year many people are electrocuted doing simple electrical repairs and a washing machine door lock will often carry mains current electricity. Touch the wrong wire and you could get a nasty shock, touch the wrong two and you could end up dead.
Even professional washing machine repair guys get blase about it, then they don't for a while after they get a belt of mains power. It reminds them to check.
Check. It could save your life.
Getting To The Washing Machine Door Lock
Often this is where a lot of people stumble, the first hurdle.
You can do this the hard way, like a lot of people assume and try to access the door lock from the top of the machine, reaching down past the control panel, controller, switches and so on and possibly damaging them. Or, you can get to the door lock the easy way we'll show you.
First of all, the washing machine door lock lives here, behind the two screws on the front panel of the washing machine.
The black surround to the squarish hole is where the door catch or door pecker engages with the door lock. The door lock then powers and locks the door shut.
The next bit is the clever part.
Rather than, as stated before, reaching down, quite possibly damaging something else on the washing machine or tearing the backs of your hands to shreds, we washing machine repair people prefer the easy option.
As you can see in the photo below, the next thing we do is to pop off the front door seal retaining band with a flat headed screwdriver as shown.
Once off, as below, the band can easily be set aside until you put it all back together.
Next, fold the door seal back inside the drum of the washing machine as shown below.
This should be pretty easy to do and, once folded back the door seal or gasket should stay there. This is a bit more awkward on a washer dryer due to the vent and may well take a bit more messing about.
Make sure there's no power again before proceeding as, at this point, there's a danger.
Now you want to undo the screws for the door lock itself as shown here.
Once these screws are released the door lock will be floating about inside the washing machine with only the wiring holding it in position. The lock should drop free.
Reach in and retrieve the door lock like so:
As you can see it can now be accessed quite freely and replaced easily with normally plenty of room to work in the area.
Now all you have to do is replace the door lock and put your washing machine back together in reverse of the instructions above.
Bypassing A Washing Machine Door Lock
In days of yore it was possible, by bridging certain terminals, to bypass the door lock on a washing machine. On occasion it gor repair professionals out of a hole when we had to order up a new door lock that we didn't have. Of course we also had to explain this to the customer and ensure that they understood the situation for safety.
In modern machines this is not possible as the electronic controller will read the door lock, the resistance and so on amnd will not allow the washing machine to start a program unless the door lock is engaged.
On door locks that use a pressure sensor to detect that there is water in the machine, a lot of Zanussi and Hotpoint washing machines used to use these, it is not possible to bypass the lock.
Asides which most door locks are now using keyed connectors so that makes it even harder to bypass a door lock now.
In any event, without understanding you are doing and, being able to ensure safety, it's a big no to this practice now.
Door Lock Variations
We mentioned above the door lock that has a pressure sensor on them.
These door locks had a small pressure switch that detected when the drum still had water in it. What this meant was that if your washing machine hadn't drained or, drained correctly, that the door would not open. Door locks like these have largely died away as they were not the most reliable of things and more expensive.
Some door locks can be complex affairs which does affect the pricing with some of the German brands have door locks that cost a lot. Most however are pretty standard affairs and are not terribly expensive.
Ordering a New Washing Machine Door Lock
For a lot of washing machine and washer dryer door lock you do need the model number to make sure you get the correct part.
For most you will find the model number printed on the control panel of the machine, as Zanussi, Beko and others do or, more often, on the rating plate that you will normally find inside the door, on the filter flap or on the back.
Without the model number and, sometimes even the serial number or PNC, it may not be possible to identify the correct lock that you need.

Finding A Washing Machine Door Lock In The Shop
Finding a door lock in our online shop is dead easy, simply go to the shop using this link that will open a new window or tab (or the ones below) then type in the model number of your washing machine or washer dryer into the "Search" box. Press search and it will bring up all the parts we've used on that particular model.
You can of course narrow the returns by adding "door lock" to the search, just as you would in the likes of Google, to look for a specific spare part.
Washing Machine Spares Delivery Times
Many door locks that are in the online store we physically hold in stock and are often shipped the same day that we receive your order. Even if it is a door lock that isn't so common we would usually have most within a day or two and it would ship the same day it was received.
Al Khwaneej Second Dubai Washing Machine Repair

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